Please check this site from time to time as it will continue to be updated with interesting information and downloads of Faculty Development presentations that have been delivered. The CTU also runs their own faculty development sessions twice per year to keep our preceptors keen and fresh.

Dr. Sherwin Gacutan, Site Education Director, Boundary Trails CTU
Dr. Kevin Earl, Site Medical Lead, Boundary Trails CTU
Dr. David Chudley
Dr. Aly Dhala
Dr. Bryan Kroeker
Dr. Dan Hunt
Dr. Eric Lane
Dr. Ganesan Abbu
Dr. Ashley Dyson
Dr. Don Klassen
Dr. Elizabeth Thompson
Dr. Cornie Woelk
Dr. Jordan Banman Dr. Jordan Banman
Dr. Jordan Kroeker Dr. Jordan Kroeker
Dr. Melissa Caswill Dr. Melissa Caswill
Dr. Ladonna Majeau Dr. Ladonna Majeau
Dr. Sahar Alhayjaa Dr. Sahar Alhayjaa
Dr. Kevin Convery
Dr. Leanne Nause
Dr. Hany Mansour
Dr. Amanda Bergman
Dr. Jason Zhang
Dr. David Martens
Dr. Kaytey Martin Dr. Kaytey Martin
Dr. Jocelyn Rondeau Dr. Jocelyne Rondeau
Dr. Kurt Kauenhofen Dr. Kurt Kauenhofen
Dr. Graham Duff Dr. Graham Duff
Dr. Narges Afshar Dr. Narges Afshar
Dr. Courtney Chernos Dr. Courtney Chernos
Dr. Erin Gordey Dr. Erin Gordey
Dr. Jacob Miller
Dr. Rachel Noble
Dr. Jennifer Metcalfe
Dr. Matt Brett